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Hi, I am Rekha Dhyani. A classic pluviophile, a travel enthusiast, a nature lover and a doting mother with an intense and irresistible desire for travelling. I am passionate about photography, gardening, travel and most of all being a doting mother. I live in Delhi with my wonderful family.

After my graduation in computer science I spent fifteen years in publishing and marketing in the education sector. Presently I am a full time work-from-home mom juggling between the two daughters and everything else under the sun. This website is a crazy mom’s last attempt to remain sane.

Life is nothing but a continuous cycle of learning and unlearning. Sitting here in this virtual abode of mine I share random lessons from this beautiful journey called Life. I write on a vast range of topics ranging from parenting, child development and travelling to various destinations. My articles are based on my personal experiences accompanied with the extensive research.

I take up independent writing, product reviews and freelance marketing assignments.

I have been in the online space for over six years now and have worked with leading companies on branding, product reviews and influence marketing.

What my website/blog offers:

– Experience backed Practical insights and real-world wisdom on Parenting, Travel, Nature and Wildlife.
– Write Travel and Stay Posts with pictorial Reviews and Stories.
– Influence Marketing with Product and Service Reviews.

My vision is to:

– Help parents bring up kids with a strong positive attitude, confidence and a good value system
– Enable travelers and nature lovers explore new/old places with a new perspective
– Enable companies, brands and marketers communicate their value proposition leveraging my website and social media pages

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I welcome readers to share their feedback with me in the form of comments. If you would like to write to me separately for collaboration, mail me at chasingducks07@gmail.com.

I would love to hear from you!